Inaugural Post

My name is Chester Gifford.  I often post controversial things on facebook and enjoy the ensuing arguments.  But I figured it’s time to branch out a bit and take a bit more control of my content, so from here on out, I’ll make those statements (mostly) on this blog, and perhaps post them to facebook as a link.

Why do I find this important?  It combines two of the most important things in life: the love of God, and critical conversation.

I am a Christian first and foremost, a husband next, and a father after that, in that order.  Because without each former item on that list, the latter is lost.  I have always felt compelled to share the word of God and the love of Christ with the world, but it seems there are a great many misunderstandings that get in the way of that.  The Bible is commonly disregarded in favor of personal belief by atheists agnostics and Christians alike.  And I find that a shame.  It makes it difficult to find common ground if we can’t even agree upon what the Bible says.

And I must mention, a large part of the inspiration for me to do this is Matt Walsh at  He is an excellent example of a truly Christian man, and I applaud all of his efforts.

With all this in mind, here we go.