“It doesn’t have anything to do with you.”

Sound familiar?  It should.  It’s the last bastion of gay rights activists everywhere.  Once you get past getting them to understand that the Bible considers homosexual acts sinful, departed from God, and shameful, (Romans 1:18 – 28) once you get them to understand that you do not hate homosexuals as you are commanded to love them (Matthew 22:36-40) but hate the sin that is now politically incorrect to oppose, once you get past all the hooplah of planned and practiced argument centering around the gay rights movement, the liberals and activists will throw out the old standby “why do you even care?  It doesn’t have anything to do with you.”

Now, notwithstanding I may have just written the longest run on in human history, that phrase is in fact, a lie.  So how, how does every inch of ground this movement gains affect me as a Christian living in the United States of America?

1. Federal acceptance is the ultimate approval.  It’s the end game.  The be all end all.  Once the law of the land supports something be it a movement or group of people, it is well and truly on the path to acceptance.  So if you oppose that, you’re opposing the law.  Which makes you the odd man out.

Take this story, for example.

An Oregon woman refused to bake a cake for a lesbian wedding.  She is a Christian woman by the name of Melissa Klein.  I would love to hear someone tell her that the gay rights movement doesn’t have anything to do with her, because the gay rights movement shut the doors on her store because she excercised her God given, constitution backed right to freedom of religion.

And this story.

Where a Colorado judge ordered a man, Jack Phillips, owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop to make cakes for gays if he were going to continue operating.

So essentially if I ever want to provide a service, it’s going to need to be supportive of the gay rights movment, despite my feelings or my silly little religious rights.  But hey, it doesn’t affect me, right?  If I’m not supporting gay rights then I’m in the wrong now.  Because it’s law.

2. Because I like freedom of religion, I am now labeled a bigot.

How people continually forget this is in the constitution of our country baffles me.  What is it, cognitive dissonance?  Our God has told us that homosexuality is a sin and yet there are people that deny the words in black and white and pretend that the Bible only consists of the four gospels.  The love of Christ is probably the most important part of the bible, but it is not the whole of it.  Not by a long shot.  And moreover, the love of Christ is not conducive to accepting sin.

And if you dare share this accurate viewpoint, you are an ignorant bigot.  Even if you are arguably the most famous and beloved man in television at the moment, you are ignorant, bigoted, hatemongering scum.    And that’s oppression dictatorships across the world could only dream of.  If Phil Robertson can be nearly taken off the air, I shudder to think of what kind of nuking this blog will recieve after I hit publish (security through obscurity can be a lovely thing, let’s hope no one cares enough about me to complain.)  Fun fact, the tolerance crowd called my wife a hateful ignorant breeder the other day.  A breeder!  How is that even an insult? That’s how I think.  She nearly cried.  But this doesn’ t have anything to do with me, right?

3. The children.

Parent's Television Council

I always cringe a little when someone’s reasoning is “well my kids don’t need to see that.”  And I don’t live in a place where you can just walk out the door and see a couple of lesbians making out so I largely didn’t understand this argument for a while.

But now it hits me.  Now that I’m a father I see that if I send my daughter to public school, she will be taught, by the students if not by the teachers that homosexuality is normal, and to believe otherwise is hateful.  A simple black and white lesson which a child can understand and identify with.  And given enough time, despite a Christian upbringing, can at the very least confuse a child.

This makes it hard to want to integrate your child with the world.  It limits your options.  In short, it has a definite effect on me.  Because now I have to grapple with the idea that maybe I need to homeschool my daughter.  Maybe I just need to teach her to deal with it and get into some really gritty stuff before sending her to public school.  Perhaps innocence is overrated, or at least too costly in this world.

But one thing is certain.  The gay rights movement, and anything that concerns endorsing the sins laid out by the Bible, have everything to do with me as well as every single Christian living here.

And now to quell another common argument of the humble gay rights activist because I know it will come up: “What about divorce?  More people get divorced every year than homosexuals get married.  That’s a sin, why aren’t you up in arms about that?”

If divorce were the battle of today, if there was a serious movement or if I could start a serious movement to END the legalization of divorce,   However, that is a battle that was lost by my ancestors.  I honestly feel divorce has destroyed more families than the gay rights movement has.  I believe that divorce is a much more serious offense in the eyes of God than homosexuality.  Because the Bible says God HATES divorce, (Malachi 2:16) which is a rare statement.  It doesn’t say God hates homosexuality.  It does call it an abomination, but Lord help me if I reference the old testament lest I be held to Levitical law and called a hypocrite by the ignorant and the loud.