A brief word on Human Nature

There seems of late to be a very skewed view of human nature.  This view is that “human beings are inherently good.”

This is of course false, which anyone will know who doesn’t live in a fantasy land.  However, it’s the basis of many current ideologies, the most famous of which is liberalism.

I won’t get into the liberal ideology, it’s a ponderous tome of misguided foolishness.  However, the idea that we are inherently good is so blatantly a lie, that I cannot understand how anyone with even a monacum of observational skills could accept it.

Here is everything you need to know about human nature.

  • Humans are inherently evil.
  • We will do whatever it takes to get what we want.
  • What we need is secondary to what we want.
  • We will do whatever is the easiest to get that.
  • Suffering entertains us.
  • There is no boundary or limit to these laws.

Now, that is a base model human.  That is the pimordial nature that flows within us all.  That is our default mode.  It is pure evil.   Through the grace of God we are not bound to it, but without God, that is where we find ourselves.

Our evil nature is why we buy cigarettes when we need food.  It is why we stab coworkers in the back to get ahead and feel justified because we are providing for our family.  It is why we cannot wait to see which celebrity has a nude leak or scandal.  It’s why we sell food stamps for drugs and why we abandon our children and abort them.  We give ourselves over to this nature by and large.  We claim we are slaves to it.

But that too is a lie.  Human nature can be overcome.  We can set it aside in favor of the path of righteousness.  Can we be perfect?  Absolutely not.  We can’t even approach that, consider it the philosophical speed of light.  But we can try.  That’s what separates us from the animals.  We have the power to use our mind and use our free will to overcome what our bodies and instincts demand of us.  And without God in our lives, all of that will power turns to ash.

So many people forget that.

It’s easy to forget common sense stuff like that when you abandon it altogether in order to believe in the fantasy that man is good.  All you have to do is observe the world around you to know that much.  Then again it’s almost a talent to have open eyes these days.