Things that baffle me when I think too much about them:

We’re in an infinite pool of nothing.

On a rock that despite immeasurable odds is hospitable to us.

In at least several thousand years we have not been destroyed by meteors, asteroids, rogue planets, been sucked into a black hole, been irradiated by a pulsar or burnt to a cinder by some type of solar event.

We have an atmosphere of gas that remains attached to the planet due to gravitational forces which we cannot see and do not fully understand.

If any of a billion different variables had been altered the people reading this would not have been born, but rather another sperm would have fertilized the egg that eventually became them. And even then, any number of variables could have occurred to keep them froim being born post fertilization.

As far as we know this is the only place in the universe that anything remotely like this has happened.

And for some reason despite there being millions of other species on this planet we are the only ones who can comprehend it.

And last but far from least:

We see all of this and proclaim that it happened without purpose, rhyme, or reason.