Stop Hawking Me Charity

The answer to the question increasingly posed by cashiers which begins with

“Would you like to donate a dollar to…”


“Would you like to round that up to X for a donation to…”

The answer is always a smile and a “No thank you.”

I understand your corporate overlords force you to ask these shameful questions, and they are shameful. Why are they shameful? Because you’re asking people to unconscientiously donate money to an unknown entity by employing false shaming.

Your corporate overlords (who are no doubt getting either a kickback from these donations or at the very least brand recognition/free advertising) are telling you to do this because they know that the customer is likely to say yes.

And why wouldn’t they (asks the modern sensible person)? It’s a small amount of money, and it’s going to “a good cause.”

There’s also the fact that if you say no, you look greedy, because we are expected to give our money blindly to charity. Any charity is considered a “good cause” by the uneducated masses, so you look cheap or ungiving if you refuse. That’s why this is a most heinous and shameful act. I did not come to your establishment to be shamed into violating my conscience or blindly supporting God knows what.

And there lies the crux. You don’t know what that money is going to. You don’t know if it’s going to help people, to fund bonuses for directors of these charities, or to abort some confused woman’s unborn child. And yes, that is a very real possibility if you donate money to the Susan G. Komen fund, race for the cure, or NEARLY any womens’ organization. Why? Because these organizations are inexplicably and almost universally tied in some way to funding abortion, as it is considered by the social justice warriors of the world to be a matter of women’s health that they be allowed to destroy their young for convenience sake. I’m sure there are some exceptions, I don’t claim this is absolute, please note this disclaimer.

If you don’t know what your money is going to, you shouldn’t give it. Period. Now if I WANTED to donate to an organization, I would research them as if I were vetting a presidential candidate before giving them a single cent. But even then it’s a risk. If you have morals, you shouldn’t be donating to any organization you haven’t researched, as they may not adhere to morality, and we live in dangerous times where things that should be highly illegal are not only commonplace, but praiseworthy. So I prefer to play it safe and not donate money to any charitable organization I don’t have a say in. So that limits my options to my town and my church. I also may give my money to individuals in need, in which case I have no control, but I am a Christian and instructed to give freely to those in need.

NOTE: That verse refers to individuals, not organizations, especially those which endorse sin.

This door swings both ways, liberals I’m sure don’t want to be padding wallets of people who make money for a living, and dare to make more money than their employees or take bonuses to make it worth it for them to stay at an organization, so they should cease donations as well unless they have thoroughly researched. And you know, those directors you could be giving bonuses to may even hunt (GASP) ANIMALS. Maybe a dead child won’t rustle your Jimmies but I know you’ll think next time you give if you worry that you might be funding the next African hunting expedition of a fat cat charity director.

Be smart. Don’t be a sheep. Don’t violate your conscience.  Give wisely, preferably to actual humans in need or to places that give to actual humans in need.