God is Your Bigot.

Folks love to find a bigot.  They love love love to find someone they can openly and wantonly hate.  Because if you are a bigot, you are worthy of hatred.  You are clearly 100% on the opposite side of what is right and good, and so it follows that you should be universally hated.  


This is where God’s true definition of morality wholly outshines the world.  While secularists are free to hate living breathing human beings and wish death upon them, and curse at them, and generally make their lives painful (and take joy in doing so) we Christians are called to love everyone indiscriminately.

That’s right, the Bible says:

Matthew 22:36-40 King James Version (KJV)

36 Master, which is the great commandment in the law?

37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

38 This is the first and great commandment.

39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

40 On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

So we Christians should…should be showing love to everyone around us.  I won’t lie and say that we all do.  It’s not exactly easy.  We all have those worldly desires, it is so easy to let hate take hold of us, but while the world embraces this hatred, labelling Christians as bigots for their beliefs, we Christians must simply smile back at them and pray for their soul. It should not be done in a snide way, not to one up them by TELLING them you’ll be praying for them when you know it will only insult them, but genuinely praying for those lost souls who do not know what love even looks like.

So what does love look like?  To a Christian, love looks a lot like disagreement sometimes.  It looks a lot like criticism, and it looks a lot like advice.  Why is that?  Is it because Christians have it all figured out?  Is it because we think we are somehow, by some measure “better” than secularists?  No.  We just strive to know God who both does and is, and God gives us a certain code to live by.  If I had to condense it, I would say it is comprised of “Love God, humbly follow his will, and love your fellow man.

Sometimes love looks like support, yes, but somewhere along the lines someone got the idea that unconditional love means unconditional support.  It sure doesn’t mean unconditional support when what you are required to support is sin.  You wouldn’t support your friend’s decision to do heroin, would you?  Your child’s decision not to wear his seatbelt?  Then why would you support your friend’s decision to have premarital sex?  Or your child’s decision to be a woman? These are sins that separate them from God!  Love them enough to remind them of God’s will!  Rebuke them!  We are commanded to be our brothers’ keeper!

The secularists however have gotten it in their heads that Love looks like hate when it comes from Christians.  Why?

I can sum it up in one sentence.  “If you disagree with me, you hate me.”  That’s the general attitude of that whole side of the argument.  And if you hate, well you get the full hate treatment right back.  Because that’s logical, right?  I mean it wasn’t Christ’s bag, and it’s hypocritical, but you know better than Christ, right?

You must because you’re not calling Christians bigots, You’re calling God a bigot.

We Christians by and large aren’t bigots.  I am not saying it is impossible.  I am not naive.  I know the Bible has been used as justification for horrible things.  Maybe you have a definition of a bigot that is incorrect because you’ve been taught that words don’t mean things.  I personally give everyone a shot or two before making up my mind about them.  Calling the sky blue, however, is not bigotry.  Calling homosexuality a sin, likewise, is not bigotry.  It’s just repeating the word of God.  Do I believe the word of God?  Absolutely. Do I personally believe homosexuality is bad?  Yes!  If for no other reason then it sends you sailing away from God’s protection and presence.

Now, because we Christians believe homosexuality is a sin, does that mean we hate you who have misinterpreted God’s word, disregard it, or otherwise ignore those verses?  No.  I personally don’t care what folks do in their bedrooms.  I really don’t.  That’s between you and God.  I do want to caution you that sexual immorality is very much unappreciated by God, and that you run a very real risk of being abandoned by God.  That doesn’t mean I hate you, it means I’m concerned for you.  Why am I concerned?  I’m called to be, by God.  I’m called to love you, and when I love someone, I want what’s best for them, and what is best for everyone, is salvation through Christ.

Should you feel bad for sinning?  Yeah!  I do every day!  It’s fine.  It’s totally normal.  It’s like having a fever.  Feels awful, but it’s good for you!  Means you’re on the road to recovery.  Or maybe it just means you’re going to dig your heels in and sink into the misery.  Either or.

But again I say, God is your bigot.  Christians are but his messengers.  And I don’t mean he’s actually a bigot, of course God isn’t.  He doesn’t hate anyone, and if he did he couldn’t be a bigot for it because he implicitly knows their entire being.  He isn’t prejudiced, he can’t be.  There is no “pre” to his “judice.”  It’s all postjudice.  Is that a word?  Point is, Christ knows you.  God knows you.  Your motivations conscious or otherwise, your deepest darkest secrets, everything.   And when you are judged by the almighty, trust me, it is completely above board and with full knowledge of your eternal soul.  That doesn’t mean that the result will be hate, but if your definition of “bigot” is “someone who tells you you’re wrong,” then by all means:

God is your Bigot.  

God tells us we are all wrong in that we all sin, and me personally, if I felt I had a moral leg up on the almighty creator of the universe: God, I would most assuredly check myself.  Or at least sleep on it and see if I’m still pants on head crazy in the morning.

And whatever happened to tolerance?  COEXIST?  Anyone?

I guess the bumper stickers are fun, but in practice it’s much more fun to call someone a hateful ignorant bigot for their religious beliefs.  Even though that in turn makes you that exact thing.  I mean it really does feel good to have that mob presence and that strong assurance that you are truly fighting evil, just like when grandpappy fought the Nazis.  It makes you feel righteous.  I get it, I totally do.  We Christians are warned against that type of pride but it’s easy for us to fall prey to it.  It comes easily to us because we have the manual on right and wrong.  The be all end all to moral superiority.  We’re commanded to dispense that information humbly, but boy, it can be difficult when the entire world seems against you, especially when they tell you to stop complaining because no one is persecuting you.

I would however, like for you all to get your facts straight.  Stop calling us Christians the Bigots and do what you have been aching to do.  Claim moral superiority to God, call HIM the bigot under your false definition of the word, so that hopefully he drops the bottom out of your life and you get back on track as soon as possible.  I want that for you.  Whatever the cost, I want you all to have your lives touched by God and wind up in his embrace.

And brothers and sisters I will welcome you with open arms.