The Problem With Liberalism

Classically liberalism was focused on what the name implies.  Liberty.  Freedom.  Today it is anything but focused on freedom.  Modern liberalism is a confining shroud of fear and totalitarian mandatory compliance, ostensibly focused on a mangled definition of equality.  You either comply with the ideologies definitions of inclusivity and equality, or you are cast out into the wilderness, banished to the nothing.  You are of no consequence, you are blocked, you are cut off, and you are labeled a monster.

That totally sounds inclusive and equal right?

But in an M. Night Shyamalanian twist, it’s the ones who cast folks out that are the monsters.  And of course there’s a way out. I won’t even say it’s conservatism.  I’m a conservative, I cannot justify being anything else while remaining within God’s grace.  Basically I think once you advocate for the murder of babies you’re out of God’s grace, and make no bones about it, that’s what you’re doing if you’ve teamed up with libertarians or liberals, but I have other posts that illuminate my feelings on abortion.   This is about the great failure of Liberalism, marked by the coming of our future president, Donald Trump.

You see, liberalism used to serve a purpose.  It used to be a glorious thing, well within the grace of God. Freedom!  Equality!  Of course these are glorious things that God would not eschew.  At some point though, liberals started moving the goal posts.  The ideology shifted at some point from positive societal and moral change, to just…change.  When your platform is change, and there’s no endgame, things get a little crazy.

Bert Kreischer of all people had a great quote that sort of sparked this post.  He’s a standup comedian, he performs without a shirt, I don’t know how to define him politically, because he had this wonderful statement about liberalism.  He said this on his podcast Bertcast, and I’m paraphrasing so forgive me if I misquote him:

“Liberalism is like…did you ever have a neighbor that lost his job and…so he works on his yard every day.  Every day he’s getting up and working on his lawn and then it’s awesome.  But then he just keeps working on it and working on it and….like it’s too much, it looked good but now it’s too much.”

If we’re comparing liberalism to a neighbor with a lawn to tend to, you could say it was a dirt lot in the early 20th century.  No one had tended it for years.  The 20th century needed liberalism. It needed a push for equality.  Blacks had to contend with state sanctioned racism.  All races but whites did in fact.  At one point, in only the 20th century, women couldn’t vote.  We’re talking one set of grandparents ago for millenials.  That’s nuts.

So the neighbor tends his yard and tills the dirt.  He buys sod, he lays it down, he waters and patiently waters and lets it grow.  He snips the weeds out with surgical precision.  He sees his yard blossom and is proud.  But the days go on and…well he’s still not gotten a job.  So…what else can we do?  Shrubs!  Let’s shrub it up.  He puts in shrubs and even does a little landscaping.  Throws in some mulch, some flower beds.  How nice.   All is done and…is that a crack in the concrete?  Better tear that out and pour some new cement.  What now?  Fl….flamingos.  A koi pond.  Two fountains.  More flamingos.  MORE FLAMINGOS.

Now he’s got a circus on his hands, because he’s clearly lost his mind.  All because he never had a plan to stop, and he didn’t look for anywhere else to put his attention.  And if you just let him go, he’d let the house fall down while he looked and searched for places to shove more and more pink flamingos.

I don’t know if it’s really because this is the logical progression of a party with endless goals of equality, or if it’s just millenials looking to feel important like those in the civil rights era, maybe it’s both.  The point is, the lawn looked great about 10 years ago.  If you are black, yellow, brown, hindu, muslim, whatever, there’s nothing that prevents you from doing anything any white person can do.  However, now Christians risk losing everything if they start a business, for fear a gay kid will want to make an example of them and ask if they will help out with a gay wedding, phone recording, eagerly awaiting what is their assuredly homophobic, racist, misogynistic, rapist, tirade.

Now if you refuse to use biologically incorrect pronouns when addressing a person, you could be looking at a hefty fine if you live in New York.  That’s hate speech, and somehow even though speech is right there in the definition, it’s not covered under the 1st Amendment.

Liberalism is defunct.  A party who’s platform is equality, which the Liberal party’s has been for some time, is no longer viable when equality is achieved.  And when you have equality of opportunity, your goals are achieved.

There was however, a pivot, from equality of opportunity, to the current day crisis: equality of outcome.  It’s the idea that can be most fundamentally expressed by the minimum wage debate.  No matter your background, no matter your criminal record, or your job experience, or your education, you deserve to be able to live comfortably for working 40 hours a week.  Every human being’s time is worth $15 an hour, bare minimum.  Well that’s equality of outcome in a nutshell.

The rich are too rich.  The poor shouldn’t exist.  Everyone should make some mid-line salary and everything else should go to charity.  There should be as many black CEOs as women CEOs as white CEOs, and hell, maybe fewer white CEOs because they’ve had it so good for so long and imputed sin counts to the new gods.

Here’s a simple thought experiment.  If I own a company.  And 100% of my company’s employees are white.  Does that make me racist?

OK what if 100% of my employees are black, does that make me racist?  What if I’m black also?

OK, I’m a manager.  I have a man and a woman applying for a position under me.  They have the same credentials, for the sake of argument, literally twin identical resumes, experience, and education.  But the woman states the importance of flexible hours so she can tend to her children.  I hire the man.  Does that make me sexist?

What if it’s the same situation and it’s a gay man that’s told me 1000 times int he interview that he’s gay, because that’s the only way I’d really know, and I choose the straight guy from the previous scenario.  Does that make me homophobic?

If you answered yes to any of the above question, you’re not only at least partially liberal, but you’re not a critical thinker.

The answer to all of those questions is: I don’t know.  I didn’t explain my motivations for not hiring them, I didn’t explain my feelings on race or gender or sexual orientation.  So you have no idea if I think one race sex or orientation is superior to another.  All you know is the outcomes.  And that’s what liberals focus on.  Outcomes.  Everything should end up the same.  This is where we get affirmative action where people of color are hired over whites, simply because of the pigment in their skin.  That’s objective racism.  That’s literally saying “this race is more valuable to us than yours.”

Equality of outcome is a joke.  It doesn’t allow for freedom, only idealism.  Some people don’t want to succeed, some people don’t want to make gobs of money.  Some people don’t want a high paying job, the stress that comes with it, the hours that come with it.  And that’s OK.  It’s OK that genders are biologically different.  It’s ok that different races are culturally different.  It’s OK that there is diversity.  Not everything has to be aimed at the same goal, the same final solution.  Does it sound like I’m talking down liberals or Nazis?  Why do I have to say any of this?

Why aren’t liberals simply tolerant of different ideas and different people?

They’re busy with the flamingos.  And damn you for telling them they have to focus on getting a job before their lawn is destroyed.  Damn you for denigrating the color pink and all that it stands for, damn you for telling them to get a job, you flamingoist a__hole.

Well, damn us huh?  You know what people that are tired of being crapped on do?  They look for a way out.  They look for a help wherever they can get it.

They look for a guy that hates flamingos too.  Even if that’s the only thing they have in common with him.

He’ll be sworn in on January 20th.  He’s the most ridiculous response to the most ridiculous generation in our nation’s history, and it honestly makes me sad.  On the bright side, I think liberals are actually coming to understand the flaws in their ideology.  That maybe they need to pivot their platform, that maybe things are a bit more equal-er than they thought.  Could be me.  I just feel like there’s this air in the room now.  Like in the movies when two friends have been fighting and now they’re just both bloody and panting on the ground.  Ideally they shake hands and hug it out.

Every once in a while though, one pulls a gun and blows the other away.